“Hi Renato and Luc,

I’d like to thank both of you for your effort and professionalism in making this dream a reality for us!  Thank you for your patience.

Luc, your design and vision of what our kitchen should look like was perfect.  We all love it.

Renato, you got the job done as and when you promised too.

All the best to you both.”

*Randpark Ridge


“Good Morning Renato

Thank you very much!! As always, Gomes Designs work is prompt & 100% correct.”



“I really appreciate the professional excellence of your company and the quality of the units. The kitchen is likely to be a major selling point when I move on.”



“I am very happy with the end product, thanks!”



“Great working with you guys, as always – very professional”


“As a side note Suz and want to thank you for the fantastic job that you guys did on our kitchen, not only is it amazing but you have added new life to the heart of our old home, which has now become the centre of our interactions as a family.Once again, we are most grateful and thanks’ for all the help!”

*Randpark Ridge